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Includovate Research Center plc

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Includovate Research Center plc

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About Us

About us
We aim to do research differently – with more rigor and more innovative methods. We adopt an intersectional approach and actively promote the inclusion of all social identities.
Includovate is a research incubator that designs solutions for inequality and exclusion. Includovate believes in designing interventions and using research to reshape the social, political, economic and environmental systems that perpetuate injustice. Via the process of ‘systems change’, we focus on complex issues that affect the poor and excluded. We adopt an action-oriented approach to change mindsets and structural conditions that keep unequal systems in place. The result is bespoke and manageable innovations that lead to lasting gender equality and social inclusion.
We model our beliefs. We employ people living with a disability in our business, as researchers, employees, managers and advocates. We firmly believe that diversity is essential to ensure our solutions suit the maximum number of people. The more diverse the problem- solving process, the longer the solutions last. Includovate leads the way in using emerging methodologies and innovative practices.
As a social enterprise, Includovate invests the majority of its profits into independent research. Includovate employs southern researchers to lead the design of solutions and collaborates with international experts who contribute to methodological excellence and theoretical knowledge. By helping more researchers of the Global South publish, Includovate shifts the power balance of knowledge creation to those with less power.

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