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Oromia Credit and Saving S.C. (OCSSCO)

Something About Company

Oromia Credit and Saving S.C. (OCSSCO)


Aspire to be world class MFI contributing to economically empowered and transformed society.


Provide affordable, innovative and customers responsive financial services to rural and urban economically active people to improve their income


The ‘ZI-CREDIT’ stands for:

  • Zero Tolerance: – commitment to fight fraud, embezzlement and rent seeking behaviours etc.
  • Integrity: – Exhibiting the highest levels of objectivity, accountability, honesty, transparency, fairness and responsibility at all times;
  • Customer Focus: – Placing the customer at the core of Company’s business and ensuring high quality services and inclusiveness;
  • Recognition: – Always recognizing and rewarding high performance/staffs and clients/
  • Effectiveness: – Executing mandates effectively, ensuring delivery at least cost and in the shortest time possible;
  • Diligence: – Highest levels of proficiency and due professional thoroughness;
  • Innovation: – Adaptability, ensuring the optimum use of information technology and current financial novelty.
  • Teamwork:  Working in teams, building team spirit, cooperation, communication achieved  objectives in the set timeframes at all times;



  • Accepting both voluntary and compulsory savings as well as demand and time deposits;
  • Extending credit to rural and urban farmers and people engaged in other similar activities as well as micro and small-scale rural and urban entrepreneurs;
  • Drawing and accepting drafts payable within Ethiopia;
  • Provide micro-insurance business;
  • Purchasing income-generating financial instruments such as treasury bills and other short term instruments as appropriate;
  • Acquiring, maintaining and transferring any movable and immovable property including premises for carrying out its business;
  • Supporting income generating projects of urban and rural micro and small scale operators;
  • Rendering managerial, marketing, technical and administrative advice to customers and assisting them to obtain services in those fields;
  • Managing funds for micro and small scale businesses;
  • Providing local money transfer services;
  • Perform mobile and agent banking activities;
  • Engaging in other relevant activities;



The chronological inception of today’s OCSSCO traces back to 1996’s rural project scheme that initiated to provide micro finance service (credit & saving) to farmers in Oromia National Regional State. On January 1, 1996 Oromia Credit & Saving Rural Schemes Development Project/OCSRSDP/ was established under Oromo Self Help Organization/OSHO/ to ensure accessibility of credit to the rural community. After two years, on August 4, 1997, the project was shifted to a microfinance institution and separately established as Oromia Credit & Saving S.C /OCSSCCO/. The successful achievements registered at project level and the issuance of national proclamation number 40/96 that for the first time laid legal ground for establishment of microfinance institutions were among major reasons that created conducive environment for the transition.


OCSSCO is a legally registered and licensed microfinance institution. It is registered by Ethiopian Trade Ministry and licensed by National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE).


In the beginning the company was formed by five shareholders namely Oromia National Regional State, Oromo Self Help Organization, Dinsho Enterprise, Oromia Development Association and one natural person. Later, Dinsho Enterprise transferred its share to Oromia Forestry Enterprise and other six new shareholders including, Burayou, Bishoftu, Sebeta, Nekemte, Shashemene and Jima Municipalities have bought shares of the company.  Now, the number of the shareholders has reached eleven.

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