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Banking Interview Questions & Answers

PERSONAL INTERVIEWS AND REQUIREMENTS:-The most and the first thing is CONFIDENCE!-Keep your protocol as much as possible.-Do not open the door until you get permission to open it(get in!) and when u enter in z room, you must have good facial expression.-until z interviewer allows to sit, you must have not sit.-when they say welcome, it is better to say


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How to Ace Your Probation and Sign That Confirmation Letter

The probation period in a new job is the trial period where a new employee’s skills are tested to see if they perform as expected. This is also a time for the new employee to see if the company is a good place to work. During this time, either the employee or employer can terminate the employment with a shorter

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A Detailed Look At A Career in Accounting

Accounting jobs are among the most sought-after jobs. A quick look at the top jobs in 2018 revealed that Accounting and Finance was 3rd in the top 15 jobs. This could be due to the value that accounting professionals bring to an organisation. Accountants can work in the public or private sector, or even at an individual level, doing anything

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4 reasons why you almost got an interview, but didn’t

Ethiopian Reporter , Ethiopian Reporter Vacancy , Ethiopian Reporter Newspaper Job Vacancy Have you sent your CV away, but still haven’t been called back for an interview? Follow these easy tips to get interview call backs and avoid disappointment. There are a number of reasons your CV didn’t make the shortlist. We explore some of them here, and advise ways

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Is this the end for the cover letter?

We have all spent time crafting the perfect cover letter, but a new survey just revealed that a whopping 74% of recruiters don’t even read them! Are cover letters on the way out? A survey conducted by a popular US jobs board has revealed that 74% of recruiters don’t consider cover letters important. Apparently, recruiters are too busy and it

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11 career experts share the best job advice they’ve ever received

Career advice can come from anywhere and everywhere, from your family and friends to your colleagues and bosses. You can also learn career dos and don’ts from trial and error. Here, 11 career experts share the best job advice they’ve received. Whether you’re settled into a lifelong career or just starting your first job, it never hurts to get advice.

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Career Advice That Will Get You to the Top

When it comes to your career, sometimes it feels like you could use all the advice you can get. From picking the “right” career to actually excelling in it, there’s certainly a lot to learn. And that’s why we’ve gathered our all-time best career advice. From starting out at the bottom of the totem pole to advancing to a more

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Powerful Job Interview Tips From A Recruiter – How to Pass an Interview

If you think most hiring decisions are based on hard experience and qualifications, better keep reading. A resume gets you in the door, but how you interview determineswhether you’re offered the job. This article will cover2 typesof job interviewtips to help you pass a job interview and get the job you want: Interview Preparation– steps you should takebefore your interview.

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7 Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

Even when you have gone on more interviews than you can count, job interviewing never seems to get any easier. With each job interview, you are meeting new people, selling yourself and your skills, and often getting the third degree about what you know or don’t know. And, you need to stayupbeat and enthusiastic through it all. This can be

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10 Best CV Formats

How to Choose the Best Format Writing a CV can seem difficult, but once you start it gets a lot easier. The challenging part is deciding which format to use. While this is something that you get to learn with experience and – lots of research into what employers look for there are generally some rules that apply regarding the

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