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CPU College

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Background of CPU College

Computer Professionals United (CPU) is one of the premier Information Technology Companies in Ethiopia established by a group of high caliber and dedicated ICT professionals with the aim of promoting computer technology. Its establishment dates to 1992, when computer technology was relatively new to the business and service communities of the country. The joint efforts and optimism of these professionals, who were inspired to fill the glaring gap, set up CPU Computer Training Center to provide short-term computer training and consultancy services. During the last twenty-three years of its existence, the center has trained 21000 plus trainees drawn from over 375 public and private institutions.

Taking professional pride in its own share of responsibility for the current relatively wider use of Computer Technology in the country, CPU is now running two major programs. One is short-term Basic and Advanced Computer courses offered at the Center by incorporating up-to-date concepts in this fast-growing technology. The long-term package consists of the Degree and TVET Programs based on studies on scarcity of higher and middle-level human power in the service industry and the government’s great attention to the demands in these sectors. Having met the necessary requirements for

quality education, CPU Business and Information Technology College became operational in 2001 to run both degree and diploma programs. And in accordance with the new education and training policy and the provisions set thereof, the College in addition to undergraduate program launched and is running TVET program in the field of Information Technology, Accounting and Secretarial Science. So far, CPU College has graduated 8152 students in its degree, diploma and TVET programs.

CPU has a fascinating record of consistent growth and excellence in delivering focused and effective hands-on-education. During the concluded year, CPU based on its strategic development plan decided and has been preparing itself to launch an MBA program in the year 2015/16. The curriculum design and course validation tasks are underway by seasoned experts in the area coming from within the country and overseas university. The College is striving hard to surpass the accreditation requirements of the Ministry of Education (MoE) and subsequently can launch the post graduate program (MBA) on solid ground in 2016 academic season.

Vision, Missions, Goals


CPU College strives to be the leading private higher education in Ethiopia by 2025.


The mission of CPU College is to produce high caliber graduates, undertake rigorous and problem-solving researches, serving as a centre of technological adaptation, innovation and transfer and provide demand driven community services.


  • CPU College has the following goals to accomplish:
  • Provide quality education at all levels in order to produce competent professionals who can support the development endeavor of the country
  • Conduct quality and outcome-based education
  • Contribute to building skilled human capital
  • Produce competent entrepreneurs who could contribute to the technology transfer endeavors of the country
  • Undertake research that helps to solve the socio-economic problems of the country and that can also add new values and knowledge to the society
  • Render consultancy and short-term training services to businesses, government, and non-government organizations to help them accomplish their objectives
  • Render various community services to fulfill social responsibilities as an academic institution.
  • Create a competent, motivated, adaptable, and innovative workforce for the country
  • Offer research-led diversified programs that are relevant to the country
  • Undertake research on local, national, and international issues and problems

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