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What is ESAT?

The Ethiopian Satellite Television & Radio (ESAT) is a nonprofit and independent media outlet established primarily to promote free press, democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law. It mainly serves Ethiopians back home and the Diaspora around the world.

It has three studios, Washington D.C., Amsterdam and London (UK). Initially launched as a satellite and online TV project, ESAT added a daily radio broadcast in September 2011. ESAT’s multimedia contents are now available on various platforms including Android and IOS apps. ESAT has also got strong social media presence posting updates daily.

Why was ESAT established?

The people of Ethiopia live under a regime that has criminalized free expression. The Committee to Protect Journalists has repeatedly designated the government as one of the leading enemies of press freedom in the world.

ESAT was established on April 24, 2010 by a group of leading exiled journalists, most of whom were jailed, tortured or forced into exile, to provide accurate, objective and balanced news, analysis and information, perspective as well as entertainment, talk shows, documentaries, sports and cultural programming pertaining to Ethiopia and the rest of the world.

What are its aims and objectives?

ESAT’s main objective is to provide free access to news and information that are unlikely to see the daylight in Ethiopia due to censorship and other forms of restrictions.

ESAT firmly believes that suppression of press freedom, persecution of journalists, and interference in the free flow of information is harmful and counterproductive to peace, stability and the effort to build a democratic society.

ESAT believes that a well-functioning independent press is an essential element of a democratic system by holding those in power accountable. Exposing corruption, abuse of power, human rights violations and discrimination is the job of the media.

ESAT also believes that without free access to information and ideas, citizens are unable to participate meaningfully in the political system.

Who owns ESAT?

Funded by Ethiopian communities around the world, ESAT is a grassroots media project under the Foundation of Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT), a non-governmental organization registered under the Dutch Chamber of Commerce and the Advocates for Media and Democracy in Ethiopia, a nonprofit organisation incorporated in the United States. ESAT is powered by broad-based collective of exiled journalists, human rights advocates, civic society leaders and members in the Diaspora deeply committed to the principles of democracy, human rights and the rule of law.

What types of programming does ESAT produce?

ESAT produces a range of contents daily including news, in-depth analysis, features, documentaries, panel discussions, interviews, entertainment, sports, historical and cultural programs. Every effort is made in the programming to reflect the diversity of opinions as well as the plurality of Ethiopians while ensuring that the content conforms to the strict guidelines of ESAT’s editorial policy.

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