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N.A Metal Industry & Engineering

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N.A Metal Industry & Engineering

Company Information

About Us

N.A Metal Industry & Engineering Company (N.A) since its foundation in 2007 has been engaged in engineering, procurement, project management and construction services for oil storage tanks, pipelines, and general engineering markets as well as all other industrial projects related to oil, gas and metal industries of Ethiopia.

N.A METAL INDUSTRY & ENGINEERING (N.A.) is a legally incorporated company registered in 2007 under Ministry of Trade (MOT) as profit making Tankers, Shades /Canopy and various display tools in the Fuel and Lubricants Industry supplier. NAMIE commenced steel   products design, fabrication and supply operations in 2007. in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. The business objectives of the company is to capture significant sales of the growing environmentally driven lubricants and fuel market through sales of products developed using states-of-the-art technology and field-proven business.

Corporate Values


Our vision is to become an industry leader in quality designing, engineering, fabricating and installation services in the areas of Tanker and Canopy products through offering competitive price and delivering on time whilst upholding quality and skilled workmanship whose products and services are most hunted here in Ethiopia


Our mission is to strive to provide our clients’ with the highest quality products and services timely and on budget delivery. Our approach to working with clients as partners also extends to our entire employee ensuring timely completion of projects and high quality execution.


  • Safe work environments to be provided through proper execution of the works and use of appropriate equipment and facilities.
  • Employees will be thoroughly instructed and trained in the accident prevention and fire protection requirements of their work assignment.
  • Improving safety of the works will be encouraged and the supervisors will promptly and properly handle safety issues.
  • Hazardous Jobs will be analyzed and Job safety procedures will be worked out among all operators and their supervisors.
  • Continuous safety inspections will be conducted to identify and correct unsafe acts and conditions.
  • Weekly Safety Meetings will be held at site locations. General safety issues will be reviewed, the site safety record for the week before will be analyzed and each week one important safety topic will be discussed in detail. Employee contributions to the discussions will be requested and encouraged in proper manner.


N.A METAL INDUSTRY & ENGINEERING (N.A.) uses state-of-the-art machinery and the up-to-date fabrication techniques to ensure the highest quality in our products and services. The following are some list of our equipments:-

  • Shearing Machines
  • Bending Machines
  • Rolling Machine
  • Punching machine
  • Radial drilling Machine
  • Lathe Machine
  • Section rollers
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Compressors
  • Forklifts
  • Mobile trucks with crane
  • MIG Welding Machines
  • ARC welding Machines


Quality control is the most important factor in nay industry or trade. We strongly believe in quality control and strictly adhere to the standards. To this effect in addition to in-house quality inspection we have hired qualified staff to provide us training and insight to quality. Our professional team is always in gear to provide 24 hours, 365 days a week warranty, support and backup service all over Ethiopia. Our customers never feel lonely or helpless due to faults caused even by any unforeseen factors.


N.A METAL INDUSTRY & ENGINEERING COMPANY is dedicated to serving the steel fabrication industries through competitive pricing and timely delivery whilst upholding to quality and skilled workmanship. We are experienced in management, safty regulation and technical workmanship. In addition thanks to our commitment to continuous staff upgrading training schemes we have certified precision TIG and MIG Welders. We also have certified expert welders who possess the required dexterity on tanker and canopy fabrication process, stainless steel and to sand heavy metals.

 Our products and services includes 

  • Design, Fabrication and installation of steel structure
  • Fabrication of underground and overhead fuel tankers
  • Fabrications of fuel tankers for truck installation.
  • Tanks, Vessels as per ASTM/BS standard or client’s requirement
  • Handrails, walkways, staircases, doors and gates, grills, canopies and structural sheds
  • Steel cots, display stands, steel garden furniture ,benches and trolley
  • Truck and pick up enclosures enclosure
  • Car parks mezzanine floors, platforms and ladders
  • Fabrication and Erecting of Canopy

New Products

N.A METAL INDUSTRY & ENGINEERING COMPANY is glad to  declare to all its customers that after engaging professional, technically competent and  qualified consultant to  carry out Designing, Organizing & Producing Technical Vehicle Manufacturing Project is now commencing its portfolio of Vehicles Manufacturing  in two phases as follows:-


  • Manufacture Dry Cargo Trailer 3 axle 30 tons .g .w.
  • Manufacture Dry Cargo Semi-Trailer 2&3 axle from 30 to 40 tons .g .w.
  • Manufacture Dry Cargo Truck


  • Manufacture Dry Cargo 2 axle Trailer 20 tons g. w.
  • Manufacture Tanker Trailer 24,000 litters Capacity
  • Manufacture Tanker Semi-Trailer 45,000 litters Capacity
  • Manufacture Tanker Trailer 21,000 litters Capacity
  • Manufacture Low bed Semi-Trailer 2&3 axle from 30 to 45 tons g. w.
  • Manufacture Car Transport Semi-Trailer
  • Manufacture Agricultural Trailers 2&4 axle Dry Cargo and with tanker for fuel or water.