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Nebido Import & Export

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Nebido Import & Export

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About Us

Nebidom Import & Export, from the time being it was a sole proprietorship Company established before a decayed ago founded by Mr. Essays Haile who is a General Manager has more than 11 years vast experience in the import and export business in Oromia region, Adamma Town aiming at fulfilling the current and future demand of Live stock market reason Licensed under Ethiopian law as a livestock Exporter, Forward to International Market & Import different goods toward domestic markets in Ethiopia.

In view of all the above facts the company recently engaged in pure /Bottled/water manufacturing Business. as the pure Water business is one of the highest consumables in demand national, and its importance is very high. Also, Real estate Business as well.

The Company is primarily engaged the under listed export market and manufacturing Business in particularly:

Livestock Such as:Live cattle, live Camel, live Sheep, live goats
Fresh chat
Oil Seeds
Ethio-Arabica Coffee products for Asia, America & Europe countries
Pure Bottled Water Manufacturing Business
Real-estate Businesses

Here under lists are also Company`s Main importing business Portfolio;

Reinforced steel Bar (RSB)
Cold Rolled Sheet
Hot Rolled Sheet
Industrial Chemical Specially for construction
Australian Timber
Packed & processed food
Since its incorporation, The Company has grown to be an active contributor to the country`s economy by providing job opportunity for different employee and striving for continuous improvement.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be a prominent in exporting an Excellent quality of product in the global market and a strong importer of various merchandise results for Ethiopian market. including tangible targets like revenue goals, as well as intangible like value, culture and purpose.

We aim to become the Leading manufacturer/producer/of FMCG &Real estate Industry in Ethiopia and one of the recognize brands in National &worldwide Level.

Our Mission
To offer our customers products with superior quality and value. To create peaceful and enjoyable work environment for our employees. To contribute to the growth of society as we grow the company’s business.

Our Values
Seek to understand and enhance the value our customers.

We approach our customers and suppliers as equal, long-term partners seeking mutual benefit.

Under a warm and open atmosphere, we approach our associate & business partners with humility, honesty and enthusiasm.

We are committed to produce quality product and service.

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