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About Us

OMEDAD PLC was born in October 1992, out of the united will of five Ethiopian entrepreneurs, who are senior members of the business community. OMEDAD was incorporated with the business objective of serving offices, homes, hotels, hospitals, and educational institutions.

The acronym OMEDAD represents

O Office
M Machine
E Electronics/Equipment
D Domestic
A Appliance
D Distributor

The founders of the company had from its inception undivided commitment and a bright vision of creating a strong company of generations.

The company had a very humble beginning but a very strong management team with full commitment to realize its dreams and targets. The company started operations by employing one guard and one cleaner.

Today OMEDAD provides employment opportunity to greater than 600 young men and women Ethiopians.

OMEDAD started with a single outlet in a small house in Addis Ababa. Currently it is operating from 22 outlets in the capital and major commercial centers all over the country. All branch offices are well organized, have an efficient distribution service as well as an efficient technical backup service. Each outlet supports a dealer network. We can proudly say OMEDAD leads the sector both in its distribution outlets and its efficient after sales service to its customers.

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