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Oromia International Bank

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Oromia International Bank

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Since 2008

Oromia International Bank

Oromia International Bank S.C. (OIB) was established in accordance with the pertinent laws, regulations and the 1960 Commercial Code of Ethiopia, by the Monetary and Banking Proclamation No. 83/1994 and by the Licensing and Supervision of Banking Proclamation No. 592/2008. Accordingly, on September 18, 2008, Oromia International Bank obtained a banking business license. At the time of its establishment, OIB’s authorized capital was Birr 1.5 billion, whereas its subscribed capital was Birr 279.2 million, and its paid-up capital Birr 91.2 million. Oromia International Bank began operation on October 25, 2008 by opening its first branch at  Dembel City Center, named Bole Branch. Now, the Bank’s branches reached more than 300.

Oromia International Bank has grown its paid up capital to Birr 3 Billion.


To Become the Bank of Your First Choice


We are committed in providing full-fledged and best quality commercial banking services within the pertinent regulatory requirement with due diligence to sustainable business while empowering the missing middle and discharging social responsibility by engaging highly qualified, skilled, motivated and disciplined employees and state-of-the- art information technology, adding real value to the shareholders’ interest and win the public trust.

Core Values

Corporate values of Oromia International Bank reflects the deeply pursued philosophy of operational excellence, believes, ground of typical sparkling culture of identity for reputation through which the bank is well known by others. The Bank is committed to the following values in conducting its day-to-day business.

  • We value persistence, endurance and tenacity;
  • We value customer satisfaction;
  • We value transparency, integrity and confidentiality;
  • We uphold team spirit and grooming potential successor;
  • We value total respect to customers and employees;
  • We value competitive and motivated human resource with ever growing skills;
  • We promote a learning and innovative organization;
  • We value belongingness;
  • We uphold corporate citizenship.

Oromia International Bank

Bank Achievement

It gives us a great pleasure to inform our esteemed customer that in the banking history of Ethiopia, Oromia International Bank S.C. has been the most successful bank so far, in that it was able to open a total of 26 branches in only eight months’ time. Of these branches, 80% were opened outside the capital city. In fact, this achievement of Oromia International Bank has awakened the banking industry. As a result, the number of OIB’s branches in Ethiopia has now reached 270.

Despite its aggressive outlet expansion and its huge start-up expenditures, Oromia International Bank has also been able to break even within its first year of operations.

What is more, Oromia International Bank has made correspondent relations with internationally acclaimed financial institutions and money-transfer agents soon after it commenced operations.

Oromia International Bank is now working in full gear introducing new bank products and reaching the unbanked society, regardless of the fact that it is a relatively new comer among the other banks operating in Ethiopia.

After acquiring a plot of land to build its headquarters whose soil test and architectural design has been finalized, the Bank is on the verge of commencing the construction of the 29 storey headquarters complex at the premises of the future financial Hub.

Currently, Oromia International Bank owns a G+13 twin Building Head Office on Bole road, around Olympia immediately beside Getu Commercial Center formerly known as SA building.

In general, it has been able to build a good reputation for itself and to gain the full acceptance of the public at large within a very short period of its establishment.

Oromia International Bank

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is more than spending money to respond to certain happenstance. It emanates from the company’s corporate vision. It has a positive impact on social, economic and environmental factors.

Cognizant to these facts, Oromia International Bank S.C clearly integrated CSR into its major business programs.

Over the last five years, for instance, Oromia International Bank donated nearly  Birr 50 million to local charity organizations, in response to disasters, Government projects and initiatives, and many more. To this effect, Oromia International Bank:

  • Oromia International Bank staff planted trees in Gelan town
  • Oromia International Bank donated three Million Birr to Oromia State in favor of Fighting against COVID-19
  • Oromia International Bank donated Five Million Birr in favor of Fighting against COVID-19
  • Oromia International Bank Birr 6 million to Finfinne City Administration for Exercise Book ;
  • Oromia International Bank Birr 10 million for Sheger Green Project;
  • Donated over Birr 2.7 million for food items to households affected by drought;
  • Donated Birr 400,000 for Environmental protection ;
  • Donated over Birr 200,000 for Local Charities working on education ;
  • Donated 20 million Birr for displaced citizen due to natural and man-made disaster;
  • Donated Birr 1 million for Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.
  • Donated Birr 10 million for ‘Gebeta le Hager’ Project.
  • Donated Birr Five Million to National Defense;
  • Donated Birr one Million for Finfine City and its environs school feeding and educational material provision program.

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