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Target Business Consultants

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Target Business Consultants

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Getnet Haile & Woderyelesh Habtihun founded Target Business Consultants Pic in 2004 to help businesses grow market share and improve profitability. Nearly 20 years later, our client base has expanded to include SMEs, NGOs, government entities, and farmers’ organizations. Although we’ve broadened our reach and offerings, our goal remains the same to provide in-depth customer, market and competitive intelligence and business consulting that addresses our clients’ complex business challenges and opportunities.

Our Vision

To be one of the leading consulting firms in Africa

Our Mission

We exist to help clients achieve success on their own terms by providing innovative and personalized services


Contributing to a better working Africa
We play a vital role in enhancing organizations’ capacity to help them to realize their core objectives. We are trendy in catching up on best organizational practices and customizing them to fit into customers specific contexts. We help organizations to have a digital mindset and assist in the best digital solution implementation. We work with SMEs, large companies, government, and non-governmental organizations to solve their pressing challenges.

Our multi-disciplinary professionals help our clients tap opportunities and grow through the provision of multiple organizational development services including consulting, IT, strategy, and transaction management. As a knowledge organization, we continuously work to improve the quality of our services and invest in our people. We’re helping people gain the skills to get a job or build a business.


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